Sinenta Corp. is a multinational company, which reinvents the use of natural resources and turns ambitious ideas into solutions that shape the future, and offer efficient and effective responses to solve the challenges of both the UN 2030 Agenda for the SDGs. as of the EU Green Deal

we have structured our business into two divisions, each one specialized in one of our areas of knowledge

our methodology: agile 

a great challenge for those who are going to start a project is to be able to guarantee that the execution is well done and that the final delivery is consistent with what was initially proposed.

to respond to both challenges in Sinenta we have opted for the implementation of the “Agile Methodology” in order to facilitate all processes related to any type of project, whether in the agri-food sector or in the industrial sector, from its genesis, through its development and reaching the final delivery; guaranteeing the highest quality in its execution in all its steps.

the agile manifesto is based on 4 main values, which give it more flexibility and fluidity, less bureaucracy and which accept change along the way:

individuals and interactions rather than processes

functional solution more than complete documentation


collaboration with the client more than contract negotiation

respond to change rather than follow a plan

the agile methodology allow us to maintain constant interaction with our client by making fast and frequent deliveries to control product quality, while responding to a forecast and cost calendar to mitigate project risks

running big projects is part of most people’s daily lives, and finding ways to simplify and streamline your processes is essential to being successful

a solid corporate culture as a contribution of value in the relationship with our clients

a culture: open, honest and international

each and every one of the people who make up Sinenta’s human teams are essential for the success of the company and for its continuous development. To ensure sustainable growth, our goal is to focus even more on our values for the future: openness, trust, international orientation, and a sincere and straightforward corporate culture; but also and above all, our commitment to teamwork and, above all, mutual respect among all the people who make up Sinenta.

innovation and new ideas are vital to get to market faster, in this way we ensure that we are always one step ahead of the competition. Sinenta offers its employees lightweight structures, flat hierarchies and flexibility, enabling them to turn their passion and creativity into take-to-market solutions.