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helping agribusinesses and food industries navigate the most disruptive trends and technologies, and access world-class plant genetic resources, by agriculture to shape the world

Sinenta Corp accelerate the development of your business and generate a transformative impact on agri-food companies, helping them to optimize their performance, to access the best plant varieties, to have new biodiversity, to navigate disruptive agricultural trends, to enter new markets and proactively prepare for policy changes through advanced analytics, consumer insights, and decades of market experience

Sinenta Corp agriculture concept

is based on four principles

how Sinenta Corp can help you

Agriculture Development

In Sinenta we are committed to the fight against hunger, poverty, and malnutrition in the world, for which we lend our support to governments and producers to improve agri-food systems by bringing innovative ideas and our multidisciplinary experience.

Vegetable, Legume & Grain Seeds

Sinenta offers a wide and dynamic catalog of plant varieties through the constant material contribution of its partners and breeder associates, with commercial materials and others that are still in the pre-commercial phase.

Plant Breeding Programs

Plant breeding can be accomplished through a variety of techniques, including trait selection, mutation introduction, plant tissue culture (embryo rescue, haploid breeding, …), and molecular genome editing techniques.

Prebreeding Services

Pre-breeding is a set of breeding activities that is not directly linked to obtaining a commercial product. These are activities that allow obtaining a material that, due to its characteristics, serves as a supplier of genetics for other plant breeding programs

Plant Nutrition Solutions

To supplement the natural supply of nutrients in the soil, by increasing its fertility to meet the demands of the crops and replenish both the nutrients taken by the harvested products or those lost due to unavoidable leaks to the environment.

commercial seeds

Sinenta Corp commercialize vegetable seeds with high agronomic interest from varieties adapted to the different agroclimatic conditions of the Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America; through our trademarks:

plant nutrition solutions

Sinenta Corp has different product lines for the different nutritional needs of agricultural crops .

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digital transformation

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innovative solutions

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a work proposal clear and easy

Sinenta prepares the proposals that it directs to its clients and partners with confidence and openness, and always includes indicators to validate their compliance, regardless

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