Number 2 of the goals for sustainable development (SDG) of the UN 2030 agenda is to achieve zero hunger in the world, but within the SDGs, among others, there are also responsible production and consumption (SDG 12), action for climate (SDG 13), and improve life in terrestrial ecosystems (SDG 15). These four SDGs have a direct impact on agriculture and require it to be developed in accordance with these principles.

In Sinenta we are committed to the fight against hunger, poverty, and malnutrition in the world, for which we lend our support to governments, companies, research centers and civil society that face complex challenges, and we help to improve agri-food systems around the world by bringing innovative ideas, our multidisciplinary experience, and a holistic understanding of the sector, to catalyze and accelerate successful agricultural transformations for governments, producers and society in general.

what we can do

strategic transformation plans in rural economies
design and promote local agricultural cooperatives
address deforestation with indigenous speciess

promote and recover the use of the NUS cultures