Sinenta offers a wide and dynamic catalog of plant varieties through the constant material contribution of its partners and breeder associates, with commercial materials and others that are still in the pre-commercial phase. In our company we develop and market different hybrid plants with the highest standards in professional markets. Every year we obtain new plant varieties both through the work of our breeders and the licensing agreements that we establish with famous international breeders specialized in different fields of plant improvement.

our commercial seeds

Sinenta commercializes vegetable seeds with high agronomic interest from varieties adapted to the different agroclimatic conditions of the Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America; through the trademarks:

our plant breeding projects

Sinenta has agreements with some of the main research centers, from different parts of the world, specializing in agriculture and plant biology; with whom it works actively in the development of new varieties of agronomic interest that are adapted to the challenges of climate change and that incorporate resistance to pests and diseases

For these activities, we have a stronger agri-innovation ecosystem.