digital transformation

Digitizing implies a change in thinking and ways of doing things; and although Digitization and Digital Transformation are very often used synonymously, they really are not.

Digital transformation is a revolution that acts on the entire society, affecting both the ways of consuming, interacting with human beings, consuming and producing, as well as the organization, structure, and management of companies and public services.

Digital transformation brings tangible benefits to any
type of entity since, by applying additional technological layers (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Artificial Vision, Business Intelligent, Industry 4.0, Intelligent Agriculture, Internet of Things, etc.), it allows them both to take informed decisions such as making your processes more efficient and effective.

When you ask for a credit card at your bank, they ask you for a copy of the last three payrolls, the same that are entered into the account each month, and of your income statement, which you have processed through them; then why do they ask you for this documentation? because they have digitized their activities, but have not carried out a true digital transformation of their business.

In Sinenta we help organizations to carry out a successful transformation that allows them to operate in the new digital ecosystem with modern solutions, with the training of their human teams, and with the transformation of their operational structures.

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