we love design

through our division Sinentec, we are known for providing customized basics and detailed engineering solutions for challenging projects, both small and complex, thanks to our experience and knowledge in many disciplines that allow us to offer clients a broad perspective for diverse infrastructure and installations needs


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basic engineering involves the establishment of the fundamental technical concepts, criteria and standards for a project, the type and size of the plant, the process and equipment to be used, the provisions for future additions or extensions, and the degree of mechanization and automation to be used

what can we do?

elaboration of the basic infrastructure design

coordination of the works between several bidders of a project

review and audit of project execution

development of process design via HAZOP

definition of hazardous areas

preparation of process calculations and material balances

preparation of flow charts of balances

preparation of equipment lists

sizing of equipment and machines

preparation of preliminary plans for the layout of small-scale plants

preparation of preliminary functional specifications

define basic civil data and information regarding the process and equipment

preparation of architectural, structural and civil drawing

preparation of general services for various building networks and distributors

development of operational, training and management philosophies

services for the initial start-up of factories