new and old methodologies and processes for crops

The application of good agricultural practices, in particular those related to the integrated management of crops, implies the use of a series of techniques resulting from the enhancement of the so-called ecological agriculture. Many of these techniques were already practiced for more than 500 years, but the new agriculture, marked by the paradigm of the green revolution, put them as “traditional techniques” with little impact on productivity.

The recovery and revaluation of this ancestral knowledge have direct impacts: (i) they allow increasing agricultural productivity in harmony with the capacity of natural resources and (ii) therefore empowering food security; in addition to (ii) increasing the resilience of societies to the impact of natural disasters.

In Sinenta, to the recovery of this ancestral knowledge, we combine new forms of production as vertical agriculture, aeroponics technologies, and Km 0 strategies production, together with the increase in available biodiversity and the rescue of NUS crops, and the digitization of agricultural processes, we will find ourselves in a more favorable scenario to face the challenges that humanity must face through the management of crops.

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