new plant breeding

Plant breeding is the science of creating new varieties through modifications of the plant genome, with the ultimate goal of achieving the production of plants with the desired traits: higher productivity, nutritional value, more tolerance to drought or disease, etc. Plant breeding not only affects the development of crop varieties, it also plays an essential role for industrial uses such as fiber, fuel, shelter and landscaping.

Sinenta, one of the most innovative plant breeding companies in the world, offers a wide range of plant breeding services, including both traditional breeding techniques as well as the newest and most modern molecular plant breeding techniques. Our expert teams of scientists and researchers contribute to the exploration and optimization of modern and advanced breeding methods to offer competitive breeding services on a wide range of plant species, including major food crops, inexpensive plants and bioenergy feedstock plants.

We also have established collaboration agreements with some of the world’s leading plant biology research centers to provide our clients with the best solutions to undertake their research projects in ways that shape the world.

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